Residential Services

Businesses that run out of the home require I.T. support from time to time.  If you are adding workstations to your home office we can help you get things set up quickly.  You may just need a tune up or a virus removal.  Buzz Computers is able to provide service to your home.  Corona residents are eligible for a discounted rate as well!

Other Residential Services might include:

  • Networking two devices together
  • Printer set up
  • Wifi setup
  • Smart TV setup
  • Solving Quickbooks issues
  • Software training
  • Troubleshooting Outlook and Email problems
  • Recovering lost passwords

Residential IT Services Helps With Home-Based Business Owners

When you work from home, you know the most important thing for you to have is a good computer. The problem is a lot of times you will find that your computer is not the only thing that you need to have working right. In some cases it means having to get your entire network up and running right. This is when you should know about how Buzz Computers can come in with our residential IT services and help you get everything set up that you need for your home office.

Setting up the Internet connections and connecting all of the devices to the Internet is going to be one of the primary things the IT professionals are able to do. Normally people do not think about this and think it is very easy to do. However, it can be difficult to do if people are not tech savvy. This is when people should realize getting these connections set up and working properly is one thing the IT professionals should do for you.

Hooking up the printer to the computer is another thing people will find the IT professionals are able to do quicker. Normally people do not think about this because of the work they are doing may not require a printer right away. However, with these professionals they are able to hook the printer up and guarantee it is going to work like it is supposed to be working.

Training for the different software programs the home worker needs to use is something else that IT professionals can do for you. While most of the time people think they can use a software and figure it out on their own, many people find out this is not always the case. So they will find that the IT support they are getting for home can be great because it can make it easier for them to learn how to use the software they need to use.

When people are looking at the option of working from home, they soon find out that it can be a challenge to do if their network is not properly set up. Call Buzz Computers today for residential IT services and getting your home office set up. You may also find this is a great way for you to get the training you need to have on some of your software programs as well.