About Us

Rekam Subtitle Company Background

Buzz Computers was founded in 2011 by Edward Baker. Armed with a passion for protecting businesses and his knowledge of the IT industry, Edward set out to create an IT business that filled a gap in the industry. That gap is the result of the many outsourced IT companies that charge high rates for non-reactive service. However, here at Buzz Computers, we focus on offering higher value IT services at a competitive price. We offer a variety of Managed IT Services and Network Solutions, and can solve any IT issue a business might face. More importantly, our technicians are also reactive, professional, engaging, friendly, helpful, courteous, timely, and cost-efficient.

Our Mission

Here at Buzz Computers, we are focused on changing the IT industry one business at a time. By offering competitive pricing and highly valued IT services, businesses from across the United States are converting from their current outsourced IT department to Buzz Computers. Larger corporations tend to utilize us as an additional resource to their in-house IT departments as well. Overall, we are focused on protecting businesses and solving their IT issues in a reactive and cost effective manner.


Here at Buzz Computers, we hire for personality and train for skill. All of our employees embody our values and are held accountable for their work performance and are sure to impress you. Our company values include: Integrity, Generosity, Respect, Stewardship, Passion, Teamwork, Quality, Accountability, Responsibility, Proactivity/Reactivity, and Commitment. All Buzz Computers employees naturally exhibit our values and fully implement our secure processes/procedures every time we interact with your business.

Our Team

Edward Baker: Owner/Founder

Edward Baker originally founded Buzz Computers in 2011, and is now heading this growing Managed IT Service company as we continue to advance in the field of IT so we can provide the best Managed IT & Design Services for our clients.

Jordan Windeknecht: Operations Manager

Jordan Windeknecht joined the Buzz Computers team in 2016 and oversees the operations of our day to day and long term business, making sure that operations are efficient, high quality, and cost effective for our clients.

Clint Lorenz: Technician

Clint Lorenz has served as a professional technician with Buzz Computers since 2013, and continues to grow with our company to this day, and plans to continue pursuing growth opportunities with our company. Clint is currently pursuing further certifications in Network Security and Malware Protection.

Jaun Husain: Technician/Sales

Jaun Husain, an experienced technician and help-desk professional joined our team in 2018 to assist in project management as well as assist our clients with any issues they may face.

Joseph Lee: Technician

Joseph Lee has served as a technician with Buzz Computers since 2017, and is pursuing further certifications in IT Security. He currently serves as a Level 1 and Level 2 support technician for Buzz Computers.

Jeffrey Taylor: Digital Marketing/Design Specialist

Jeffrey Taylor has recently joined the Buzz Computers in order to contribute his knowledge from 25+ years in Sales and Digital Marketing/Design. Jeffrey is currently serving as a vital component in our expansion in offering Digital Marketing and Design Services for our clients at competitive prices.

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