Ransomware Protection/Recovery

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is any malicious software or attempt that targets and holds technology or data hostage, until a sum of money is paid. ​

How Does Ransomware Work? 

  • Hackers program artificial intelligence systems and software that will automatically search for businesses that are not protected via the internet.
  • Once a business has been added to their radar, an attack is launched, and the business's computers are locked down.
  • At this point in time, a message will appear on all business computers that reads something along these lines: "Your business is being held for ransom. 10% of your company's data will be permanently deleted every 24 hours, until the following bitcoin amount is received: (Insert Your Best Guess Here)."
  • We have helped recover companies that are ransomed for more than $100,000, and can assist in network recovery at any stage. However, we have found that being proactive is the most effective way to handle these types of situations. That way, we are stopping the threats before they reach your door. 
  • If you choose to pay the ransom amount, it is highly unlikely that your business information will be restored. Remember, you're dealing with criminals!

The Primary Target is your Business!

  • Ransomware primarily takes place through the process of individuals or groups of individuals specifically targeting computers to hold for ransom.
  • In most cases, people target businesses due to their greater ability to pay a ransom, along with the fact that businesses highly value their software systems and client data.

Ransomware is More Advanced than Ever!

  • Ransomware is no longer comprised of individuals that search through internet portals looking for vulnerable business networks.
  • Instead, ransomware has turned into a complex program of automated artificial intelligence systems and software that explore hundreds and even thousands of potentially unprotected networks, searching for a way in. If these artificial intelligence programs are successful, you will most likely be taken over and be at the mercy of the hacker.